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Book Previews!

Okay, you guys - I promised I would post some previews of the book and we're definitely not in the final stages yet but we have some incredible content in the works! I have some sneak peeks from the designer so I thought I'd share a couple of pages with you all to get you stoked on the final edit! So, here are two dope recipes and example pages of the book!

Without further adieu:

You'll probably notice the "see basics section" note on the baguette page - that will eventually be replaced with a page number. There are lots of those throughout the rough draft of the book, but we're getting there!

It's been a long and winding road and we're just now getting to the fun part - the next step is talking to the distributer and making some difficult decisions. All in all, though, look - it's actually happening! It's a real, whole-ass book!

I hope you enjoy these previews and are looking forward to the full version of Cooking Tiny, a vegan cookbook for nomadic souls.

Love ya'll, mean it.


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