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Oh, Virginia

It sure has been a wild ride.

After what seemed like a long Spring Break, we are finally back home, overwhelmed, tired, and a little bit sad. So many things were running through our minds when we had decided to take a little trip. We missed the road and so badly wanted to be out and about again. However, Momo, our RV, had very different plans for us. Quickly into the second leg of our trip, she began slowing down, stalling out, and in general giving us a big fat "no thank you".

Luckily we were able to take her home, only to find out that she needs about $1500 in repairs. That's the cost of deciding to live in a vintage RV, I suppose. And well, in more bad news, we are also having to sell the moped because after dealing with the unreliability of Momo's engine, we've decided we need at least one reliable vehicle. Maybe bicycles? Who knows.

So, we started a Gofundme, in order to try to recoup some of our losses, definitely not all of them but at least a few, and the mechanic comes back Monday to help rebuild our engine to hopefully get her ready for the road. We honestly won't know until Monday afternoon, when we can hopefully take her for a spin and she doesn't decide to continuously die on us.

All in all, dear readers, I wish I had something more positive and upbeat to say but we're both so overwhelmed, exhausted, and pretty darn sad. It's hard when it's your home or when it's your car, but for us, it's hard when it happens to be both at the same time.

As always, you can check us out on Patreon for the real behind-the-scenes goodies, vlogs, and videos, and the occasional blog - we'd love to have you. Oh, and, keep your eyes peeled for the Cooking Tiny pre-order link, coming soon!

Love ya'll,

The Goof Troopers

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